#StudioVisits – Junko Chodos
Junko Chodos is a contemporary artist born and educated in Japan and residing in the United States since 1968. Her works represent a wide variety of techniques and styles, ranging from pencil, pen, and collage, to works done with acrylic. Chodos has had solo exhibitions featured at the Tokyo... Read more
#StudioVisit – Inglewood based artist Larry Johnson
I took a quick trip to Inglewood to meet up with visual artist Larry E. Johnson as he prepares for his participation in 25 Years Later: Race, Riots and Reform at Gallery 38. Larry just finished his first solo exhibition at Los Angeles Southwest College after graduating this past... Read more
#StudioVisit – Retna
Scale. Yesterday, talking art and life with @ironeyeretna .. put me on to so many things that's going to make me even more aware of the art scene. We also got to touch on key points about life, future and overall wellness and it was dope. His work, plus... Read more
#StudioVisits – Charles Dickson
I had the extreme pleasure of visiting the studio of the great Charles Dickson in Compton, CA. Not only was I blown away by the hospitality, I was enthralled and floored by the amount of work and the different medium in which he chose to present each subject. I... Read more
#StudioVisits – Delphine Diallo
I had the opportunity to meet and see the work of Senegal-born/Brooklyn-based photographer Delphine Diallo. After seeing Delphine’s work during the Bronx edition of No Commission, a art fair created and curated by hip-hop mogul Swizz Beatz, I was intrigued at her collage style and the subject of her... Read more
#StudioVisit – J. Michael Walker
Los Angeles based artist J. Michael Walker (@jmichaelwalker1) in his studio.. from today's #StudioVisit … #ArtAboveReality #LosAngeles #LookWhatArtFound #ArtInspires #Inspiring #Global #Artistic #Expression #Creative #Art #LIFE #artwork #Curator #PhotoJournalism #PhotoJournalist #StreetPhotography #ArtJournalism #ArtPhotography #photoaday #photo #artist #museum #artlaw #artbusiness #artmanagement #artstudio A photo posted by artabovereality (@artabovereality) on Sep... Read more
#StudioVisit – Iain Muirhead at CGU Fine Art Studios
Doing #StudioVisits in between class and I got the opportunity to visit #IainMuirhead and became a huge fan of his work and process! @sothebysinstitute @cmci_la #ArtAboveReality #LosAngeles #LookWhatArtFound #ArtInspires #Inspiring #Global #Artistic #Expression #Creative #Art #LIFE #artwork #Curator #PhotoJournalism #PhotoJournalist #StreetPhotography #ArtJournalism #ArtPhotography #photoaday #photo #artist #museum #artlaw #artbusiness... Read more
#StudioVisit – Kenturah Davis
Today I had the opportunity to visit the studio of the amazing Kenturah Davis (Instagram: @kenturah). Her work and process has excited my intellect for a while because of its endless personality within. You literally don’t know when it starts or stops and it lends itself to the workings... Read more
#StudioVisit – Lisa Diane Wedgeworth
From the studio visit this morning with Los Angeles based artist Lisa Diane Hedgeworth (@tallartgirl). Her work deals in mood, family and life experience through celestial interpretation. Her painting brought ideas out of me that made me see the work in its greater presence. The scale alone demanded attention.... Read more
Studio Visit w/ Norm Maxwell as he prepares 2nd solo show at Gallery 38 (Photos)
We stopped in Leimert Park to hit the studio of Norm Maxwell as he prepares for his second solo show at Gallery 38. Norm’s work has always given off a musical vibe married with a spiritual sense of self defined through geometry. I’m always excited to see how Norm... Read more
#StudioVisit – Sam Pace (Los Angeles, CA)
From Los Angeles California, Home of swimming pools, shiny cars and movie stars. One rising star illuminates & outshine the rest. Master Artist Samuel Pace is primed and ready to take on the world. He is one of the finest, Top Graphic Illustration Artists in the country. Master Pace... Read more
ArtAboveReality sits down with Swedish Abstract Artist OK OK
So tell us, Where did the name “OKOK” come from? I picked it myself. Since I grew up a graffiti writer, I didn’t want to use my real name. OKOK can be copy pasted and doubled forever. Inflation. That gives me the chance to create seamless patterns out of... Read more
"Exercise in Reality"  – Interview with Artist/Photographer Dina Goldstein
Photography has always been a love of mine. I was amazed when I first took a look at the work of Dina Goldstein. The drama that she captures is simply breathtaking. You can feel real life in her work as if she was a fly on the wall in... Read more
#StudioVisit with Matthew Ryan Herget
A transplant of Miami, Matthew Ryan Herget is looking to embark on the Los Angeles art scene with vivid color and speed that presents a visual emotion that captures the viewer’s attention as well as riddle their vision in awe. With his latest series of painting depicting LAPD officers... Read more
#StudioVisit with Compton artist ThatSoDope
Last week I got to travel to the City of Compton to kick it with artist ThatSoDope and check out new work. I think it’s an understatement to say that he has so much work that he doesn’t know what to do with it! Having a itch for creation,... Read more
#StudioVisit – Al-Baseer Holly in West Hollywood
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