Lakwena MacIver “I Remember Paradise” at Papillion Art
There is something really special about Papillion Art. Tucked away on a block that’s hidden in Leimert Park is this “paradise” in a neighborhood that usually doesn’t get those accolades. It’s only fitting that they would host an exhibit by an artist who work helps to emphasize that feeling.... Read more
Art Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair – Santa Monica, CA
The Chief Keef Art Show at The Seventh Letter
This past weekend I got the chance to stop into The Seventh Letter flagship store on Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles and check out the Chief Keef art exhibit they had on display before it’s over. There were a few pieces that were creative, a few that were funny,... Read more
The Best and Brightest of the 2015 Los Angeles Art Show
The 2015 LA Art Show was, to say the least, overwhelming. There was so much to take in that I actually needed four of the five event days just to make sure I seen everything in the show. And of course, I didn’t. I did however see some of... Read more
#LookWhatArtFound – Ai Weiwei’s @Large Exhibit at Alcatraz
The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is internationally renowned for work that defies the distinction between art and activism. In this exhibition of new works created specifically for Alcatraz, Ai responds to the island’s layered legacy as a 19th-century military fortress, a notorious federal penitentiary, a site of Native American... Read more
#LetItFlyProject – In Remembrance of Jef Campion (Army of One) [Photos]
"Walk The Robot" at The Gabba Gallery (@TheGabbaGallery) (Photos)
Stopped by “The Gabba Gallery” this past weekend to check out their “Walk The Robot” show. It was my first time to the gallery and I cant believe it because I ride by the area all the friggin time. So I finally step in and see some cool art... Read more
Christophe Leroux at Sonce Alexander Gallery (Photos)
“What I do is very industrial and where we live is urbanization so I really think it’s interesting to mix the French and English- French here in the States and English in France because it really reflects globalization. Like people speak English now in Paris, whereas ten years ago... Read more
"Arrive and Likewise Depart" at Sonce Alexander Gallery
Our first time at Sonce Alexander Gallery was an interesting one. It took a bit to find parking because of its location on gallery row on La Cienega which hosts some of the art worlds classier establishments. Sonce Alexander Gallery didn’t disappoint in living up to its surroundings. I... Read more
"Participating Perception" w/ Angie Jones at Prohibition Gallery
I guess you can call it fate. I wasn’t really supposed to find Angie Jones’ work, I was just supposed to continue my oblivious walk down the gallery, looking at my phone, prepping the write-up from the ThinkSpace Gallery show that I just attended, and then I bump into... Read more
Thinkspace Gallery presents "After" with Stephanie Buer and Mary Iverson
I always enjoy coming to Thinkspace Gallery. They seem to always have something brewing, and the artists they exhibit have a spark that always a seems to be exactly what I need at that moment. My first encounter with Thinkspace Gallery wa last year (2013) at the NoseGo and... Read more
Ironlak BBQ and Burners at Writerz Blok in San Diego
First off, I’m a regular at Writerz Blok. I think this is one of the dopest places in the city and I believe it breeds some of the most creative and innovative graffiti writers in the city. The idea of having a place to practice and home your skills... Read more
"The Streets Will Never Be The Same" A Warehouse Full of Street Art
“The Streets Will Never Be The Same” Art Show was presented by RedHotArt and its curator Roy Paz. This show featured some of LA biggest and brightest street artists in one location, The Arts District of Downtown LA. The show gave the viewer a look into the variety of... Read more
Video Art Residency At Papillion Gallery: Week One: Sune Woods
"CLEAR" at Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills
Our first time at Gagosian Beverly Hills was definitely an experience. I stumbled across the “CLEAR” exhibit taking my friends on a tour of LA. Glad I stopped in here. Don’t you just love when art is different than you are used to? I mean like yeah there is... Read more
Annie Preece [@AnniePreece] ArtShow at @LabArtLosAngeles
The night was supposed to be awesome bliss from beginning to end. I left my 9-5 early, The NCAA Tourney had started, and I was 4-0 in my bracket. The world was in my hands. I was all set (after harassing her for days on FB) to arrive at... Read more
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