This week I got to kick it and watch as my friend and Los Angeles based artist “Odlaw” prepared for his upcoming solo show... Odlaw debuting new works for "Where’s Odlaw" solo show at Lab Art Los Angeles


This week I got to kick it and watch as my friend and Los Angeles based artist “Odlaw” prepared for his upcoming solo show “Where’s Odlaw” tonight (Sept 17th) at Lab Art Los Angeles. The excitement on Odlaw’s face was priceless, as his artistic dreams of showing in a major street art gallery, were finally coming true. I kept asking Odlaw during his pauses and blank stares at the work and building if he was ready for the show and to see if the excitement had hit him as it showed. He always responds “not yet” when we can clearly see he wants to bust out in his favorite dance to show how hype he really is. (Laughs).


Being a friend for a few years now I got to see first hand the hard work and rise of Odlaw. His poise, hard work and determination to succeed it was separates many artists in the art world. He was even adamant about installing his show himself (with friends of course) to experience the whole process of organizing an art exhibit. He had no idea he would be removing 100lb paintings (Uninstalling of CubeWorks show) in the process.


This show features a wide array of different artwork focused on the famed character “Where’s Waldo” juxtaposed through canvas and paint. Odlaw made sure he put extra work in for the show, hanging over 15 new pieces specifically for this show, as he prepares to work even harder in preparation for his appearance at the Street Art Fair in Los Angeles in the beginning of October. This show promises to be an exciting viewing with loads of art and entertainment notables sure to be in attendance. Better arrive early!


Press Release:
Odlaw is a painter known for his focus on the pop art perspective. Growing up in the Seattle area always gave him inspiration to express his creative mind. As the rain poured down many days of the year, so did his creative vision. He would spend long days and nights indoors drawing and painting.As a child, he was interested in finding Waldo, just like the rest of us, but as an adult, he wanted to know who he was as opposed to where he was.

In 2010, Odlaw started to paint Waldo onto canvases. He had clear influences from pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Murakami. He wanted to paint Waldo in a way nobody had seen before. He said to himself, “Why not create Waldo’s story through a pop art perspective?”. Odlaw’s Waldo pieces were an instant hit. After word spread, he began making pieces for celebrities Steve Aoki, Amber Rose, and Dan Bilzerian to name a few.

Where’s Odlaw will be open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM. LAB ART® Gallery is located at 217 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036. All guests must RSVP to: Check out photos from the install of “Where’s Odlaw” below:








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