Art. I love everything about it. The composition, the way it makes you feel, the way it impacts our everyday life. Being from Philadelphia,...

Art. I love everything about it. The composition, the way it makes you feel, the way it impacts our everyday life. Being from Philadelphia, I have grown up surrounded by impressionist art, soulful sounds and glamorous visuals of the avant-garde as well as the experiences of the impoverished inner city. I understand that in our society, art is one of the only things we have to level the playing field and provide a voice in a world that seems to silence anything against the status quo.

I am very enthusiastic about the artistic growth in myself as well as the people around me. I encourage everyone to follow his or her dreams. To be in an environment breeding exciting and stimulating conversation that ultimately leads to moving our art world forward is instrumental in the success of any artist, gallerist or community artistic leader.

Awareness, Understanding, Ambition, Appreciation. These are four things that I believe can lead to a change in people and communities. Making artists and institutions aware of opportunities in the arts along with community beautification and education are the goals I hope to continue achieving after completing my time at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. I’m positive the learning and understanding of the business of art will help me to understand and navigate to the best possible solution for projects.

Being apart of countless mural projects, leading and participating in, I understand the impact art can have on a community. From educating the public, to aesthetically brightening a desolate block, paint has been instrumental in driving change in contemporary artistic appreciation throughout the world. Communities are now hiring artists to provide their makeovers and big businesses are taking notice.

In the art world folks can get pretty bored with the traditional way the art is delivered. Long gone are the traditional white-wall galleries that only feature mostly canvas work. Nowadays, interactivity plays a huge part in the way today’s consumer appreciates, engages and interprets artwork. The more captivating and thought provoking the artwork or the artist is, the more “real” they seem to the collector and the art public in general.

Being able to engage with the art business community through one-to-one sessions with educators and collectors alike, I’m will be able to “get involved” with the market to understand the art business, keys to collecting, as well as grow my own creative endeavors.

I created ArtAboveReality, com as a platform to recognize emerging artists and give light to the Los Angeles Street and Contemporary Art Scene I felt was left out of larger publications. It allows me to fulfill my need for journalism as I write essays, interview and document artists and art projects and exhibition press releases.

I believe in staying ahead of the competition and will gladly do what is necessary to become a leader in a very competitive industry. Supporting the artist with educated strategy, executing large-scale exhibitions with clarity, and consistent creativity offering only the highest quality service, will solidify anyone a place in the art business conversation. – Badir McCleary

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