Ok, so let me get into the story on this one. I was relaxing at the gallery (Gallery 38) preparing to hit a few... Sneakers. Fashion. Style., Fashion Figure Inc. at Jason Markk


Ok, so let me get into the story on this one. I was relaxing at the gallery (Gallery 38) preparing to hit a few exhibits on Saturday night as there were a whole bunch going on in LA that night. I think in one hour I may have hit 13 galleries and seen over a hundred pieces that were insanely dope! I was surprised that there were that many good shows! usually on opening nights in LA you’ll find one or two amazing pieces and a few “space fillers” in the shows, but not tonight.

The artists had their “A” game tonight! I got a text from my friend and artist Tonia Calderon about a show in Downtown Los Angeles Arts District at Jason Markk flagship store. Jason Markk is widely known in lA for sneaker cleaning and being one of the best at it. On this night, he hosted a show featuring the fashion designs of artist Reggieknow from Fashion Figure Inc. Reggieknow, a self-proclaimed 90’s sneakerhead and designer from Chicago, displayed tons of artistic creativity in the characters he displayed.

Artist Reggieknow from fashion Figure Inc

“Artist Reggieknow from fashion Figure Inc Photo by ArtAboveReality”

Centered around the fashion and the attributes of each miniature subject, Reggieknow was able to recreate actual character representations from some of my favorite movies (ahem’ Beat Street) and more! The overall quality of the miniature figures were top of the line. Each one was styled to the floor with gear that accentuated or totally contrasted the figures appearance. I was so excited to meet with Reggieknow and talk continuously on how blew my mind with the style and presentation of his work.

We even shared a “Daaaaaamn” moment while talking about the “Lee” doll, a character from Beat Street, as it was spot on and I almost blew my rent trying to buy it. We also talked about linking to do an interview on him, his brand and the future of fashion figures so hopefully I get to show you guys more amazing work from this brother. Believe me, this isn’t even the half of what he has in store. Check out the photos below!

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