MDMN "PARA" solo exhibit at Gallery 38 (Photos)
An Arizona transplant with an educational background in animation and graphic design, MDMN has gone from gritty posters on the streets to doing exceptionally clean acrylic and aerosol work in a matter of just a few years. Inspired by a 90’s childhood filled with bright action figures, creepy extra-terrestrial... Read more
Sneakers. Fashion. Style., Fashion Figure Inc. at Jason Markk
Ok, so let me get into the story on this one. I was relaxing at the gallery (Gallery 38) preparing to hit a few exhibits on Saturday night as there were a whole bunch going on in LA that night. I think in one hour I may have hit... Read more
Gregory Siff Paints Love Street For Festival
This past week I had the honor of photographing Los Angeles based artist Gregory Siff as he re-painted the beautiful mural at Pace Restaurant in Laurel Canyon for this year’s “Love Street Festival” that is to take place on July 5th, 2015. It’s always a pleasure to see Greg’s... Read more
The Producer BDB x ByFlore create Selena mural at Gallery 38
The Producer BDB x ByFlore dropped by West Adams to bless the newly minted Gallery 38 in the West Adams area with another mural to spread the love around teh neighborhood. BDB decided to create Selena as the main character for the mural at Gallery 38. Take a look... Read more
#MuralsAreForMondays – Ador and Semor take West Adams (Photos)
This past weekend we linked up with Kemal of StreetwiseLA in an effort to display the artistic talents of French street art duo Ador and Semor. We were able to secure them a wall right across from Gallery 38 in our self-titled “Mural District”, near Daddy’s Burritos on Adams... Read more
#TheArtInfluencer – Episode One: Jordan Weber
The art world is changing. Art has always been a driving force in community enrichment, creating social awareness and enhancing the juxtaposition of our society and the artists canvas. Today, the art works have grown in scale and complexity to intrigue new audiences and revive the collective appreciation of... Read more
Manifest Justice provoking thought in Los Angeles (Photos)
The Manifest Justice exhibit opened on May 1st in the Baldwin Hills section of Los Angeles. Over 150 artists exhibited powerful pieces in relation to social justice in America. The creativity in the exhibit was overwhelming. With paintings, sculptures and installations, viewers became encompassed in the everyday reality of... Read more
ArtAboveReality Photo Shoot with Norm Maxwell in Burbank
We went out yesterday (May 10th) with Norm “Nomzee” Maxwell to check out some of his new pieces that were recently installed in an office in Burbank, CA. Not only was the office super dope (The architecture was insane) the work of Norm’s that was hanging in the lobby... Read more
Gallery38 featured in LA Weekly, Article by Teka-Lark Fleming
LA Weekly asks can Gallery 38 be the center of the West Adams Art Scene? Seems that way, let us know what you think. Read this weeks LA Weekly’s feature on Gallery 38 here or below. West Adams is ground zero for cutting-edge, trailblazing, artistic entrepreneurs on South L.A.’s... Read more
#MuralArts – AngelOnce, GobsonEBWS, and J.C. Rivera
AngelOnce. Gobson and J.C. Rivera get down in South Central for Earth Day adding some crazy characters to the neighborhood. Directed and Edited By: Badir McCleary Read more
“Channel 7” A Composition in A Major by Norm Maxwell
The exhibition entitled “Channel 7 (GBDF)” is a series of visual musical compositions where the 7th Channel denotes the G chord in the musical scale. The number seven is a mystic and spiritual number that is synonymous with creation. In this series Maxwell ponders the subject of creation, involution... Read more
Mural Arts: JC Rivera at Gallery38 in Los Angeles, CA
J.C Rivera hit us up on Instagram informing us that he was on his way to California and was in need of a few walls. Gladly, we had a great connection with our neighbors at JC Tires that wanted their wall done too so we gave the block a... Read more
American Survey: Part One at Papillion Art (Photos)
Last night in Leimert Park, Papillion Art hosted American Survey: Part One, a 3 part curatorial idea, promoting pushing the consciousness of a country forward. This exhibit included a mural, works in mixed media as well as sculpture by emerging artists. What is the consciousness of a country? How... Read more
“Flash Tag” presented by The California African American Museum
The California African-American Art Museum opened up its doors to the public to see the live mural painting by some of the OG’s in African-American art for their “Flash Tag” Exhibit showing March 26 – August 2, 2015. I was invited by amazing artist Norm Maxwell to be a... Read more
#WhatWeDoIsSecret at Stone Malone Gallery (Los Angeles)
#WhatWeDoIsSecret, a show curated by Lucas Raynaud, a dope street artist in Los Angeles, at Stone Malone Gallery consisted of some of the city’s dopest street artists adding their talents to wooden spray can canvases constructed by Lucas himself. This was one of the most creative and... Read more
Tatyana Fazlalizadeh Wheatpaste Mural at Papillion Art (Los Angeles)