#RealityTV – Paula Tin Nyo of Yone Arts at 2015 LA Art Show
Paula Tin Nyo of Yone Arts speaks about the artists from Myanmar at 2015 Los Angeles Art Show. The artists were under restriction of the military in the native country and Paula, being an exile, speaks about life and art. The emotion, care and responsibility that Paula speaks with,... Read more
#RealityTV – AngelOnce Mural at Blick on Beverly [Los Angeles, CA]
Last week to start off the new year, AngelOnce and Blick Art Materials collaborated the give their parking lot an “Elephant Update”. Blick Art Materials and it’s Beverly Ave location is like Fort Knox for artists and their materials. At any given hour you can see some of LA’s... Read more
ArtAboveReality visits Art Basel: Wynwood, Miami 2014 – (Recap)
We Made It! We Made it! After the 18 hour drive from Philadelphia, we arrived in Miami welcomed by 100 upon hundreds of art murals! We were blown away by the quality of work that was in the Wynwood section of the city where lots of the artists are... Read more
#LookWhatArtFound – Ai Weiwei’s @Large Exhibit at Alcatraz
The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is internationally renowned for work that defies the distinction between art and activism. In this exhibition of new works created specifically for Alcatraz, Ai responds to the island’s layered legacy as a 19th-century military fortress, a notorious federal penitentiary, a site of Native American... Read more
#TheArtistProfile – One on One with/ TRUST.iCON [@TrustiConStreetArt]
TrustiCon, one of the dopest street artists from London to the U.S., had a super dope show at LabArt Los Angeles this month. He also displayed new murals to let the city of Los Angeles know that he was back in town. His newest work, filled with video game... Read more
In Preparation for Art Basel: Miami 2014 [@ArtBaselMiami]…
“Leading international galleries show work from masters of Modern and Contemporary Art as well as pieces by newly emerging stars.” – Art Basel Press Art Basel is coming! Art Basel is coming! The annual theme park for artists, gallerists and collectors alike will descend upon the city of Miami... Read more
#LetItFlyProject – In Remembrance of Jef Campion (Army of One) [Photos]
#TheArtistProfile – Ministra Crew (San Jose, Costa Rica)
This September, we took a trip to San Jose, Costa Rica to film and photograph what we thought we knew of their street art scene. Little did we know that we would find loads of color, creativity, personality and style nested in what some would call a “tourist country”.... Read more
#TheArtistProfile – Jason “JaFleu” Fleurant
Jason “JaFleu” Fleurant is an Haitian American painter. The son of two immigrants of Haiti, he was raised in West Palm Beach, Fl after his family relocated from Chicago, Illinois. Jason’s mother nicknamed “JJ’ as a joke saying he looked like JJ Walker on Good Times when he cried... Read more
"Walk The Robot" at The Gabba Gallery (@TheGabbaGallery) (Photos)
Stopped by “The Gabba Gallery” this past weekend to check out their “Walk The Robot” show. It was my first time to the gallery and I cant believe it because I ride by the area all the friggin time. So I finally step in and see some cool art... Read more
Christophe Leroux at Sonce Alexander Gallery (Photos)
“What I do is very industrial and where we live is urbanization so I really think it’s interesting to mix the French and English- French here in the States and English in France because it really reflects globalization. Like people speak English now in Paris, whereas ten years ago... Read more
#LookWhatArtFound – The Alley Way at LabArt Los Angeles (@LabArtLosAngeles)
View ArtAboveReality Collection on Google Open Gallery and Google Chromecast
There is only so many times in life that you get to work with your favorite brand. And when those times come you have to really put it all on the line. That is a statement I thought about when I first read about the Google Art Project and... Read more
#TheArtistProfile – Robert Miller (@CanvasBully)
Robert Miller a Michigan native now residing in Dallas, TX, started expressing his encrypted abstract thoughts through painting in December 2011. The name Canvas Bully represents the artistic taking of aggression and transforming it into something positive in the form of art. It is an attitude that exudes confidence,... Read more
#TheArtistProfile – King Saladeen
The Artist Profile: King Saladeen (Raheem Johnson). ArtAboveReality’s new online series of artist sit-downs titled “The Artist Profile” allows viewers to have a relaxed look at the living artist in their environment. Questions, jokes and in-formalities make up this artistic viewing experience. Read more
"Paint to Connect The Dots" by Danny Minnick (@DannyMinnick) at Gallerie Sparta
It was my typical artsy sunday. For months I made it a tradition to hit a new gallery and check out already established artists or the up and coming ones that will eventually take over the whole freaking thing. This past sunday, I encountered both in Danny Minnick. Let... Read more