A Community In Change: The Arts On West Adams by ArtAboveReality x Google Open Gallery
Through murals and external installations we have been able to create a positive and artistic vibe throughout West Adams district of Los Angeles. This vibe has also encouraged others to do the same and more artistic spaces have opened up leading to more creativity in the community. Huge thank... Read more
#TheArtInfluencer – Helen Molesworth (@hmolesworth) of MOCA Los Angeles
#TheArtInfluencer – #HelenMolesworth (@hmolesworth) Helen Molesworth is an curator for @mocalosangeles. Her exhibitions have included This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s, and Amy Sillman: One Lump or Two. She has been the curator of contemporary art at the Harvard Art Museum, the chief curator... Read more
#TheArtInfluencer – Iskander Lemseffer
#TheArtInfluencer – Iskander Lemseffer is a pioneer in LA street art. Curating one of the cities largest galleries for street art, Iskander has helped many artists gain national exposure and increase their portfolio and collector base. He is a key spoke in the street art world. Like other great... Read more
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