#StudioVisit – Inglewood based artist Larry Johnson
I took a quick trip to Inglewood to meet up with visual artist Larry E. Johnson as he prepares for his participation in 25 Years Later: Race, Riots and Reform at Gallery 38. Larry just finished his first solo exhibition at Los Angeles Southwest College after graduating this past... Read more
Memorial for Norm “Nomzee” Maxwell Gets Underway in West Adams
@mowk7 sharp with the can as he adds to the #NormMaxwell memorial mural.. #ArtAboveReality #LosAngeles #LookWhatArtFound #ArtInspires #Inspiring #Global #Artistic #Expression #Creative #Art #LIFE #artwork #Curator #PhotoJournalism #PhotoJournalist #StreetPhotography #ArtJournalism #ArtPhotography #photoaday #photo #artist #mural A video posted by artabovereality (@artabovereality) on Aug 28, 2016 at 3:59pm PDT @aiseborn... Read more
A Community In Change: The Arts On West Adams by ArtAboveReality x Google Open Gallery
Through murals and external installations we have been able to create a positive and artistic vibe throughout West Adams district of Los Angeles. This vibe has also encouraged others to do the same and more artistic spaces have opened up leading to more creativity in the community. Huge thank... Read more
Studio Visit w/ Norm Maxwell as he prepares 2nd solo show at Gallery 38 (Photos)
We stopped in Leimert Park to hit the studio of Norm Maxwell as he prepares for his second solo show at Gallery 38. Norm’s work has always given off a musical vibe married with a spiritual sense of self defined through geometry. I’m always excited to see how Norm... Read more
Gallery 38 presents “The Vaudevillian” by Brett Crawford
The Vaudevillian exhibit, which will be on view at Gallery 38 in West Adams February 27th through March 13th, is the beginning of a story about a traveling Vaudeville show where the characters are a mesh of fantastic animals, humans and animal human-morphs. Mixing timelines between the Roaring 20s... Read more
Photo Recap of Street Art Fair at Siren Studios in Los Angeles
Artists featured include Alec Monopoly, Dytch 66, Risk, Odlaw, Greg Auerbach, Clinton Bopp, Annie Preece, MONCHO 192, Teachr, Plastic Jesus, Mr. Brainwash, BournRich, Fishe, Flore, Big Sleeps, Cartwheel Art, Carlos Marques, Fraser Crowlet, Knowledge Bennett, John Westbay, Scott Marsi, Phobik, Planet Winter/Christian, Rolland Berry, Teachr1, PAY 2 PLAY, Desire... Read more
MDMN "PARA" solo exhibit at Gallery 38 (Photos)
An Arizona transplant with an educational background in animation and graphic design, MDMN has gone from gritty posters on the streets to doing exceptionally clean acrylic and aerosol work in a matter of just a few years. Inspired by a 90’s childhood filled with bright action figures, creepy extra-terrestrial... Read more
The Producer BDB x ByFlore create Selena mural at Gallery 38
The Producer BDB x ByFlore dropped by West Adams to bless the newly minted Gallery 38 in the West Adams area with another mural to spread the love around teh neighborhood. BDB decided to create Selena as the main character for the mural at Gallery 38. Take a look... Read more
#MuralsAreForMondays – Ador and Semor take West Adams (Photos)
This past weekend we linked up with Kemal of StreetwiseLA in an effort to display the artistic talents of French street art duo Ador and Semor. We were able to secure them a wall right across from Gallery 38 in our self-titled “Mural District”, near Daddy’s Burritos on Adams... Read more
Gallery38 featured in LA Weekly, Article by Teka-Lark Fleming
LA Weekly asks can Gallery 38 be the center of the West Adams Art Scene? Seems that way, let us know what you think. Read this weeks LA Weekly’s feature on Gallery 38 here or below. West Adams is ground zero for cutting-edge, trailblazing, artistic entrepreneurs on South L.A.’s... Read more
“Channel 7” A Composition in A Major by Norm Maxwell
The exhibition entitled “Channel 7 (GBDF)” is a series of visual musical compositions where the 7th Channel denotes the G chord in the musical scale. The number seven is a mystic and spiritual number that is synonymous with creation. In this series Maxwell ponders the subject of creation, involution... Read more
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