Studio Visits – Junko Chodos
Junko Chodos is a contemporary artist born and educated in Japan and residing in the United States since 1968. Her works represent a wide variety of techniques and styles, ranging from pencil, pen, and collage, to works done with acrylic. Chodos has had solo exhibitions featured at the Tokyo... Read more
“There Is No More Firment” by Elliott Hundley at Regen Projects
There Is No More Firment | #ElliottHudley | @regenprojects Loved the larger pieces; so much energy, presence and assemblage mixed to convey language, visual stimulation and the after effects of too much TV.. The smaller ones lacked a little, but overall cool show. #ArtAboveReality #LosAngeles #LookWhatArtFound #ArtInspires #Inspiring #Global... Read more
Studio Visiting: Artist Narine Isajanyan
It’s always cool when you meet an artist and they invite you to their studio. I think that’s a key part of the process that the collectors and galleries don’t usually appreciate because they rarely get to see. Narine Isajanyan invited me in to her space to see some... Read more