Memorial for Norm “Nomzee” Maxwell Gets Underway in West Adams
@mowk7 sharp with the can as he adds to the #NormMaxwell memorial mural.. #ArtAboveReality #LosAngeles #LookWhatArtFound #ArtInspires #Inspiring #Global #Artistic #Expression #Creative #Art #LIFE #artwork #Curator #PhotoJournalism #PhotoJournalist #StreetPhotography #ArtJournalism #ArtPhotography #photoaday #photo #artist #mural A video posted by artabovereality (@artabovereality) on Aug 28, 2016 at 3:59pm PDT @aiseborn... Read more
Studio Visit w/ Norm Maxwell as he prepares 2nd solo show at Gallery 38 (Photos)
We stopped in Leimert Park to hit the studio of Norm Maxwell as he prepares for his second solo show at Gallery 38. Norm’s work has always given off a musical vibe married with a spiritual sense of self defined through geometry. I’m always excited to see how Norm... Read more
ArtAboveReality Photo Shoot with Norm Maxwell in Burbank
We went out yesterday (May 10th) with Norm “Nomzee” Maxwell to check out some of his new pieces that were recently installed in an office in Burbank, CA. Not only was the office super dope (The architecture was insane) the work of Norm’s that was hanging in the lobby... Read more
Gallery38 featured in LA Weekly, Article by Teka-Lark Fleming
LA Weekly asks can Gallery 38 be the center of the West Adams Art Scene? Seems that way, let us know what you think. Read this weeks LA Weekly’s feature on Gallery 38 here or below. West Adams is ground zero for cutting-edge, trailblazing, artistic entrepreneurs on South L.A.’s... Read more
“Channel 7” A Composition in A Major by Norm Maxwell
The exhibition entitled “Channel 7 (GBDF)” is a series of visual musical compositions where the 7th Channel denotes the G chord in the musical scale. The number seven is a mystic and spiritual number that is synonymous with creation. In this series Maxwell ponders the subject of creation, involution... Read more
“Flash Tag” presented by The California African American Museum
The California African-American Art Museum opened up its doors to the public to see the live mural painting by some of the OG’s in African-American art for their “Flash Tag” Exhibit showing March 26 – August 2, 2015. I was invited by amazing artist Norm Maxwell to be a... Read more