From the Vapour of Gasoline at White Cube Mason’s Yard
When I stumbled upon the title of this exhibition I immediately thought about the state of the country. In the United States, you could say that the current tone for the average citizen would be filled with worry, unexpected events and the questioning of what it really means to... Read more
The Beautiful Game by Hank Willis Thomas at Ben Brown Fine Arts
Today I visited Ben Brown Fine Arts for the opening of The Beautiful Game by Hank Willis Thomas. With quilted tapestries made from Euroleague soccer jerseys and sports equipment along with sculpture demonstrating the fine art of athletic movement, Hank combines the use of branding in the team uniforms... Read more
How Frederic Leighton’s “An Athlete Wrestling A Python” continues its relevance in today’s NFL
“When I was at work upon the Daphnephoria it occurred to me to model some of the figures. It was at this time that the idea of my Athlete Struggling with a Python came into my mind, and so I modelled this figure.” – Frederick Leighton I walked into... Read more
#StudioVisits – Charles Dickson
I had the extreme pleasure of visiting the studio of the great Charles Dickson in Compton, CA. Not only was I blown away by the hospitality, I was enthralled and floored by the amount of work and the different medium in which he chose to present each subject. I... Read more
Ralph Ziman’s “Bones” debuts at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice, CA (Photos)
C.A.V.E. Gallery is pleased to present Bones, a new solo exhibition by South African artist, photographer and filmmaker, Ralph Ziman. In Ziman’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, Bones will feature a series of photographs and sculptures that directly respond to the current state of trophy hunting in South... Read more
Manifest Justice provoking thought in Los Angeles (Photos)
The Manifest Justice exhibit opened on May 1st in the Baldwin Hills section of Los Angeles. Over 150 artists exhibited powerful pieces in relation to social justice in America. The creativity in the exhibit was overwhelming. With paintings, sculptures and installations, viewers became encompassed in the everyday reality of... Read more
Kara Walker amazes with her "#SugarSphinx" at the old Domino Factory in Brooklyn, NY
Kara Walker has easily become my favorite female artist and is becoming my favorite artist period. She continually amazes me with her broad vision! The “Sugar Sphinx” lierally made my jaw drop when I seen it. I have been dreaming lately of visiting Egypt and seeing with my own... Read more
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