#TheArtInfluencer – Episode One: Jordan Weber
The art world is changing. Art has always been a driving force in community enrichment, creating social awareness and enhancing the juxtaposition of our society and the artists canvas. Today, the art works have grown in scale and complexity to intrigue new audiences and revive the collective appreciation of... Read more
#TheArtInfluencer – Iskander Lemseffer
#TheArtInfluencer – Iskander Lemseffer is a pioneer in LA street art. Curating one of the cities largest galleries for street art, Iskander has helped many artists gain national exposure and increase their portfolio and collector base. He is a key spoke in the street art world. Like other great... Read more
#TheArtInfluencer – Jim Daichendt
#TheArtInfluencer – Jim Daichendt, “Professor Street Art” is a major influence in the art scene of #LosAngeles. He is the author of “Stay Up! Los Angeles Street Art and Shepard Fairey: Artist/Professional/Vandal and also a university professor at Azusa Pacific. He continually holds talks on public art and includes... Read more