Crypto and NFTs: Getting Started with the Basics, Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th


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Crypto and NFTs: Getting Started with the Basics: I’ll have a one and a 1/2-hour session each day (Saturday, June 25th at 4:30p PST/7:30p EST and Sunday, June 26th at 1:30p PST/4:30p) with a 30 min question session after the instruction. In these sessions we will go over defining terms, Wallet setup and security, platforms and communities, purchasing, staking, listing, and liquidating crypto holdings, smart contracts, and domains, and key information. 

This will be very entry-level and will prepare you to buy your first crypto-token, mint your first art piece, or just have the knowledge to share and apply when the time is right for you. You’ll have continuous access to the course information and question and answer sessions via the ArtAboveReality Discord (link will be provided during sessions) where I have tons of supporting information that you can access at any time to further your understanding. 


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