Now You Can Pawn Car, 2022 – Two Years After The Storm – Fine Art Prints


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“Two Years After the Storm” explores issues of politics, the environment, inequality, and the pandemic in the United States of America in the past two years. 10 artists were commissioned to create 15 NFTs each to become part of a 150-piece curated collection. In their works, artists have explored the direct and indirect repercussions the pandemic has had on people, society, and the environment. Issues like isolation, contradiction, nostalgia, and reconnection are just some of the many that were captured.

My idea in looking at Two Years After The Storm is a concentrated eye on the humanity beneath the glitz. Los Angeles, and other cities, have been hit very hard by the recent wave of viruses and homelessness and the citizens are trying to cope the best that they can. Looking at faces, places, and spaces to uncover the stories that reflect our reality.

These are the physical editions of this series of 5. All digital, NFT/Blockchain works can be purchased at or on the secondary market on Opensea!

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Dimensions 11 × 18 in


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