#ArtHistory – Ernie Barnes, Jr. (July 15, 1938 – April 27, 2009)

Ernest “Ernie” Eugene Barnes, Jr. (July 15, 1938 – April 27, 2009) was an African-American painter, well known for

#LookWhatArtFound – Freestyling w/ Alloyius McIlwaine

Alloyius is always coming up tog some intergalactic style art pieces. From his array of colors to the precise line

36 Peace Murals in 6 Months #MuralsareforMondays

To spread the message of peace and love through a series of collaborative murals around the world, that was the

#LookWhatArtFound – Kai Aspire Mural In Progress on Melrose

On my weekly stroll to check out the new art get ups on Melrose I ended up running I to some homies. James of

Arts x Culture

“Opulent Anomalies” by Glenn Arthur at Thinkspace Gallery

Glenn Arthur’s work is weirdly cool. You know like the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Yeah like that. You know the works that makes you head burst with thoughts of “how the hell did this come about?” And “What was he thinking when this was created?”...

Meet The Artist

Stolen Dreams in the Promise Zone w/ @SaveDupree‎

Directed and Edited By: Badir McCleary Philadelphia’s international artist James Dupree battles with abuse from the City of Philadelphia unlawfully seizing his multi-million dollar art studio in the Mantua community. Please comment and share! http://www.artabovereality.com...

Community x Events

Ironlak BBQ and Burners at Writerz Blok in San Diego

First off, I’m a regular at Writerz Blok. I think this is one of the dopest places in the city and I believe it breeds some of the most creative and innovative graffiti writers in the city. The idea of having a place to practice and home your skills makes anyone in any...

The Art Gallery

“Arrive and Likewise Depart” at Sonce Alexander Gallery

Our first time at Sonce Alexander Gallery was an interesting one. It took a bit to find parking because of its location on gallery row on La Cienega which hosts some of the art worlds classier establishments. Sonce Alexander Gallery didn’t disappoint in living up to its...