Photo by Badir McCleary

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ArtAboveReaity, LLC, is a forward-thinking art firm founded and helmed by Badir McCleary, a professional and lifelong student in the realm of modern and contemporary art. ArtAboveReality embodies a unique fusion of art curation, consulting, and avant-garde digital strategies, crafted to meet the diverse demands of today‚Äôs art community. Our firm’s foundations are deeply rooted in comprehensive experience in the art business, contemporary art, and a keen understanding of internet computing and digital trends.

Our services extend beyond traditional art curation and consulting, encompassing the expert selection, organization, and presentation of artworks for a variety of exhibitions. We also offer specialized advice to collectors, institutions, and clients on art acquisition and collection management, backed by rigorous research and critical analysis. As an arts writer, researcher, and avid student of art history, our contributions to the art world are not only insightful but also deeply educational, enabling us to craft engaging articles, essays, and reports.

Moreover, photography brings an exclusive visual flair to our projects, adding a distinct perspective to the art we highlight. ArtAboveReality is also passionate about integrating e-commerce and contemporary digital trends into the art world, including digital marketing for art events, online exhibitions, and the use of e-commerce platforms for art sales, thus ensuring a robust and influential digital presence.

ArtAboveReality is more than an art firm; it is a nexus of innovation, expertise, and education, adeptly blending traditional art market knowledge with modern digital approaches. Our commitment is to offer a comprehensive array of services that address the dynamic and multifaceted needs of the contemporary art community. Join us as we delve into the intricate world of art, bridging historical understanding with contemporary digital innovation.