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I Love/Loathe Los Angeles

I Love/Loathe Los Angeles

“I Love/Loathe Los Angeles” is an NFT Photography collection featuring the sights of a thriving but declining quality of life in the city of Angeles (Los Angeles). Los Angeles is a city of duality. There are so many things about the city that residents and visitors alike can’t wait to enjoy. The beaches, Beverly Hills shopping, The art scene of DTLA, and the Westside. But there is also the undercurrent of rising costs, unemployment, homelessness, and a serious price gouging of its citizens, making it hard for many Angelinos to stay afloat after having life turned upside down from the pandemic that is still showing its effects almost two years after the city completely shut down. The purchase will also be accompanied by a photobook featuring all of the images in the collection (plus an extra 20 for 50 total) and their corresponding stories. Click on each image for more information via The project starts at 0.25 ETH and is limited to 30 holders.

The Queen of Compton, 2022
House of Daggers, 2022
“Are Y’all Open?”, 2022
Active Driveway, 2022
What Happened on Maple Ave?, 2022
Deadlines and Rent To Pay, 2022
America the Signs are There, 2022
Judging Responsibilities, 2022
Fruit of the Day, 2022
Los Angeles Fashion Week, Downtown Runway, 2022
Toys of Los Angeles Street, 2022
Where Dreams Are…, 2022
“Is It Summer Yet?”, 2022
Toys of Los Angeles Street, 2022
Together Again, 2022
“We Buy Houses Cash”, 2022

Obscura Community Commission

Obscura Community Commission

We Come in Peace, 2022

Obscura will designate the commission theme or subject to photograph. As a photographer-oriented platform, we want to commission our community members to go out and photograph pressing issues happening today around the world. A team of 10 photographers are awarded the Community Commission to document events, people, or places. We also offer them a mentorship program and a curatorial partnership to help during the commission. Each artist will deliver a collection of 15 NFTs. – Text From Obscura

My idea in looking at Two Years After The Storm is a concentrated eye on the humanity beneath the glitz. Los Angeles, and other cities, have been hit very hard by the recent wave of viruses and homelessness and the citizens are trying to cope the best that they can. Looking at faces, places, and spaces to uncover the stories that reflect our reality. Below are the outtakes from the commission. You can find the final works at and mint them with a mint pass.

PayDay Advanced, 2022
Riding, Rolling, 2022
Property, 2022
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