Photo Recap of Street Art Fair at Siren Studios in Los Angeles
Artists featured include Alec Monopoly, Dytch 66, Risk, Odlaw, Greg Auerbach, Clinton Bopp, Annie Preece, MONCHO 192, Teachr, Plastic Jesus, Mr. Brainwash, BournRich, Fishe, Flore, Big Sleeps, Cartwheel Art, Carlos Marques, Fraser Crowlet, Knowledge Bennett, John Westbay, Scott Marsi, Phobik, Planet Winter/Christian, Rolland Berry, Teachr1, PAY 2 PLAY, Desire... Read more
Pascal Guetta at Bruce Lurie Gallery
We got a chance to stop into Bruce Lurie Gallery on Saturday (Feb 28th), a crazy night on La Cieniga Blvd in Los Angeles to check out the work of Pascal Guetta. Pascal creates works from everyday life photos and still iconic imagery. His eclectic style simulates crumbled newspaper... Read more
The Best and Brightest of the 2015 Los Angeles Art Show
The 2015 LA Art Show was, to say the least, overwhelming. There was so much to take in that I actually needed four of the five event days just to make sure I seen everything in the show. And of course, I didn’t. I did however see some of... Read more