Studio Visits – Delphine Diallo
I had the opportunity to meet and see the work of Senegal-born/Brooklyn-based photographer Delphine Diallo. After seeing Delphine’s work during the Bronx edition of No Commission, a art fair created and curated by hip-hop mogul Swizz Beatz, I was intrigued at her collage style and the subject of her... Read more
"Exercise in Reality"  – Interview with Artist/Photographer Dina Goldstein
Photography has always been a love of mine. I was amazed when I first took a look at the work of Dina Goldstein. The drama that she captures is simply breathtaking. You can feel real life in her work as if she was a fly on the wall in... Read more
ArtAboveReality Photo Shoot with Norm Maxwell in Burbank
We went out yesterday (May 10th) with Norm “Nomzee” Maxwell to check out some of his new pieces that were recently installed in an office in Burbank, CA. Not only was the office super dope (The architecture was insane) the work of Norm’s that was hanging in the lobby... Read more
#TheArtistProfile – Ministra Crew (San Jose, Costa Rica)
This September, we took a trip to San Jose, Costa Rica to film and photograph what we thought we knew of their street art scene. Little did we know that we would find loads of color, creativity, personality and style nested in what some would call a “tourist country”.... Read more