“Remote”, a new Web Series presented in partnership with Not Real Art World

Remote: Exploring Public Art with Badir McCleary

We have been holding this secret for way too long and now we are excited to announce that we are releasing “Remote”, a 6-part web series focused on exploring Public Art! I had the pleasure of partnering with my good friend Scott “Sourdough” Power on this amazing project and can’t wait for you all to enjoy, critique, and repeat! It will be released in the social media and YouTube realms this weekend and also on! I’m so thrilled about this and looking forward to your comments and more! Check out the trailer and read the show details below!

In a world adorned with vibrant creativity and captivating stories, lies a secret waiting to be uncovered. Welcome to ‘Remote,’ the art series that takes you on a mesmerizing journey to the hidden corners of the globe, where art installations breathe life into cities, communities, and souls.

Join us as we embark on an extraordinary exploration, peeling back the layers of public art’s profound impact. From towering sculptures to interactive murals, each stroke and structure holds a tale, a testament to the boundless imagination of artists who dared to dream big. Our mission is simple: to unveil the enigmatic stories woven into these artistic marvels. We’ll delve deep into the heart of each artwork, unraveling its message, dissecting its symbolism, and celebrating the incredible minds behind its creation.

‘Remote’ is a journey that transcends the canvas and embraces the profound connections between art, communities, and the human experience. Together, we’ll uncover how public art breathes life into forgotten neighborhoods, ignites conversations, and transforms entire cities into living galleries of inspiration. Get ready to embark on a global quest, where artistry knows no boundaries and every brushstroke, every sculpture, tells a tale waiting to be heard. Welcome to ‘Remote,’ where art’s untold stories come to life. Watch the series exclusively on Not Real Art!

Interviews and Conversations Projects

The Art School Graduates Podcast

The Art School Graduates Podcast

On the Art School Graduates Podcast, we talk about current events in the art world and try to put them in context for our listeners, going behind the article and uncovering the true information. We ask questions, debate, and give more insight into topics the average art lover may not be aware of. Join me and my co-host, Justin Robinson, as we dig deep into navigating the art world! Season One is available now on all of your podcasting platforms!


The Drawing Board: Artists Working in Los Angeles

The Drawing Board: Artists Working in Los Angeles

Amidst the sprawling urban expanse of Los Angeles, where dreams collide and cultures converge, a tribe of impassioned artists thrive, etching their stories on “The Drawing Board.” This captivating documentary ventures deep into the lives of working artists, unearthing the trials and tribulations they face while pursuing their creative visions in the City of Angels.

As the sun rises over the iconic skyline, we embark on an immersive journey, unveiling the raw essence of artistry that colors every corner of Los Angeles. Through candid interviews and artistic expressions that leave us spellbound, “The Drawing Board” exposes the heart and soul of these remarkable individuals who dare to walk the path less traveled.

Delving beyond the romanticized notions of an artist’s life, this documentary unflinchingly reveals the multifaceted challenges and advantages of working in a city renowned for its vibrant cultural tapestry. Within the sprawling canvas of Los Angeles, artists find both a boundless wellspring of inspiration and a crucible of unyielding scrutiny.

“The Drawing Board” examines the intricate dance between artistic passion and the pragmatic understanding of art as a business. We peer into the sketchbooks of these creators, where dreams take shape, and ideas are meticulously crafted into reality. Their unwavering dedication to their craft is a testament to the unyielding pursuit of artistic excellence, often navigating the fine line between artistic integrity and financial sustenance.

In the heart of this compelling narrative lies an urgent exploration of gallery and museum treatment towards underrepresented artists. “The Drawing Board” lends its voice to those artists whose stories have too often been confined to the margins, offering an unfiltered glimpse into the struggles they endure and the tenacity that fuels their creative fire.

Through an evocative tapestry of images and sounds, this documentary captures the heartbeat of a city that serves as both muse and adversary. Witness the visceral emotions, the moments of self-doubt, and the elation of artistic breakthroughs as we stand witness to the profound transformation that emerges from embracing vulnerability. “The Drawing Board: Working Artists in Los Angeles” is an ode to resilience, collaboration, and the power of creative expression. As the paintbrush strokes and melodies meld into a symphony of artistic brilliance, we invite you to join us on this mesmerizing expedition, revealing the incredible stories etched on “The Drawing Board” of Los Angeles.

Abel Alejandre, 2022
Lavialle Campbell, 2022
Bart Cooper, 2022
Al-Baseer Holly, 2019
Adrienne Devine, 2019
Amy McCormac, 2022
April Bey, 2019
The Producer BDB, 2022
Daniela Garcia-Hamilton, 2022

Obscura Community Commission

Obscura Community Commission

We Come in Peace, 2022

Obscura will designate the commission theme or subject to photograph. As a photographer-oriented platform, we want to commission our community members to go out and photograph pressing issues happening today around the world. A team of 10 photographers are awarded the Community Commission to document events, people, or places. We also offer them a mentorship program and a curatorial partnership to help during the commission. Each artist will deliver a collection of 15 NFTs. – Text From Obscura

My idea in looking at Two Years After The Storm is a concentrated eye on the humanity beneath the glitz. Los Angeles, and other cities, have been hit very hard by the recent wave of viruses and homelessness and the citizens are trying to cope the best that they can. Looking at faces, places, and spaces to uncover the stories that reflect our reality. Below are the outtakes from the commission. You can find the final works at and mint them with a mint pass.

PayDay Advanced, 2022
Riding, Rolling, 2022
Property, 2022

This Is NOT A Riot: Protests in Los Angeles

This Is Not A Riot: Protests in Los Angeles

2020 was a wild year. For everyone. From the pandemic to the repetitive news of unarmed black civilians being murdered by police, the countless blow of economic and emotional turmoil took their toll on the world and Black Americans in particular. The summer of 2020 was a breaking point for the citizens of the city of Los Angeles as the news of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery (alongside other racially involved incidents) prompted folks to take to the streets in protest against the brutality of Americans by law enforcement.” – Badir McCleary. Order Now! – Paperback Book Pre-Orders are available now on for $24.99. This title will be released with Barnes and Noble Press in Early March! For digital readers, you can also order the E-Book via the website and also on Amazon (for Kindle users) for $9.99. Thank you in advance!!


Protesters marching down Beverly Blvd
Protesters leaving Pan Pacific Park marching down Beverly Blvd
Protesters marching down Beverly Blvd
Visit the “This Is NOT A Riot” Virtual Exhibition Powered by



Gallery 38 Mural Program (West Adams)

Gallery 38: Neighborhood Mural Program

Above: MDMN and Knowledge Bennett at Gallery 38, Spring 2015. Photo by Badir McCleary

Tommy Fiendish, London, Summer 2016
Flore & The Producer BDB and Norm Maxwell, Opening Mural, Summer 2015
Norm Maxwell, Opening Mural, Summer 2015
AngelOnce, Summer 2015
HIMBAD, J.C. Tires (Across from Gallery 38), Summer 2016
Flore & The Producer BDB, Summer 2015
Patrick Henry Johnson, Summer 2016
Ador and Semor, Across from Gallery 38), Summer 2016
J.C. Rivera, Summer 2016
Jake Merten, Summer 2016
Jaq Dutch and Yenna Haring, Across from Gallery 38), Summer 2016
Norm Maxwell, Summer 2017
Brett Crawford, Summer 2017

The Art Influencer

The Art Influencer by ArtAboveReality

The art world is changing. Art has always been a driving force in community enrichment, creating social awareness and enhancing the juxtaposition of our society and the artists canvas. Today, the art works have grown in scale and complexity to intrigue new audiences and revive the collective appreciation of art in general. These folks don’t just create, they inspire.. We call these folks The Art Influencers…


Gallery 38

Gallery 38: Los Angeles

Gallery 38 an ongoing project by ArtAboveReality and Bancs Media, opened its doors in March of 2015 embarking on the West Adams community with a goal of resurrecting the neighborhood’s past history of visual culture and adding to the renaissance of art booming in the Los Angeles area. With time and painting, our vision with the help of our artists and the community we’ve been able to transform and breathe artistic creation back into a sector of the city needing resurgence. Named in a LA Weekly article as “The Center of the burgeoning West Adams Art Scene”, Gallery 38 has done over 20 solo exhibitions, 2 global art fairs, and have invited other emerging artists to join in by offering the gallery as a part-time studio and event space, thus creating a community of creativity.

With a community-based approach, Gallery 38 has been able to continue the tradition of presenting emerging and established artists while focusing on developing the community around them. Within the two years, the community has seen an eclectic interest in the aesthetics of the neighborhood showcasing a wide range of visual art from murals to academic exhibitions and panels in the community. The unique artists that light up the gallery and neighborhood, differ in concentration, composition, and social status, but are brought together by their unifying element of mixing mediums and thought-provoking imagery. Gallery 38 will continue to be a pioneer in bringing appreciation, education, and artistic freedom while displaying jaw-dropping exhibits and impermanent installations throughout the global arts community.

Address: 5376 W. Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016.

Curatorial Projects

Google Open Gallery

Google Open Gallery

We were so excited to be one of the first users of the Google Open Gallery platform that looked to feature creatives and institutions alike in a digital setting, to further the education of arts in the public and museums. We created our first exhibition, which featured up-and-coming and established artists focused on storytelling from inside their studios or around their local neighborhood walls.

Alloyius McIlwaine for the ArtAboveReality Collection on Google Open Gallery.
James Dupree for the ArtAboveReality Collection on Google Open Gallery.
Stolen Dreams in the Promised Zone by James Dupree for the ArtAboveReality Collection on Google Open Gallery.
La Ciudad de Color de for the ArtAboveReality Collection on Google Open Gallery.